How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay? Find the Answer Now!

A cause and effect essay is, in essence, a piece of writing made to explain what comes on the back of specific actions and why. Learn how to write a cause and effect essay most accurately and how it should look like. The best tips from the most well-regarded experts are remarkable to note!

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

The cause and effect essay definition is rather simple: it is an academic writing assignment that aims to show the correlation between the cause for something to occur and the consequences of these occurrences. All of the causes and effects should be sequentially interrelated.

Typically, such papers are assigned in your history class to explore the causes of war or some political movements reciprocally connected to their outcome. It is a scientific endeavor that requires much study, research, and analytical abilities. To hit these objectives, there are a few crucial contributing factors we consider below.

If you talk, i.e. about the War Between the States back in 1861, think about the key elements of this event:

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Step by Step

What are the topics you should consider a focal point when you write a cause and effect essay? Just like any given essay, this paper is a structured piece of writing. You should do no writing before selecting a topic, which is relevant to your course. Given you're so far, here is what you should do next:

  1. Mindmap and interpret the outcomes by linking them to the cause. It is recommended to break down your topic into smaller pieces.
  2. Focus on just a few points instead of listing all possible consequences of the cause.
  3. Organize your workflow.

Here are the paths of which your cause and effect essay is typically constituted: an introduction, 3 body paragraphs with either cause, effects, or both, and a conclusion. If you use any third-party sources (and you must in 99% of cases), create a bibliography page as a separate chapter toward the end of your essay.

Below, we explain how to write cause and effect essays in layman's terms.

How to Start a Cause and Effect Essay

Begin your writing with a thesis statement. You can develop it in the end, but you should know what the main idea and objective of your writing are. If you decide to start with the opening paragraph, work on the thesis first. Describe the event you plan to analyze. Those could be a current trend or phenomenon as well.

If you wish to make your paper more intriguing, start with a bang! It means selecting something striking or even unbelievable would do. Take some interesting facts, less-known yet proven pieces of evidence to start from. You should catch your reader’s attention from the very first line.

The structure of the opening paragraph could look as follows:

  1. A hook sentence
  2. Introducing the topic
  3. Background information
  4. Thesis statement

Once you know how to start off a cause and effect essay, let’s move to the main part also known as “body.”

Working on the Body Part

The paragraphs in the main part should start with a central claim, which you should consider a topic sentence of the given paragraph. It should describe one of the cause & effects aspects. In the example above, the writer covers the causes and effects of slavery in the same section.

Here you can key quotations to the specific source you find useful. You should use in-text citations to justify your stance. To back your argument with proof is always a good idea — it demonstrates that you have studied trustworthy sources before drawing your bottom lines. Mind the way you format citations and corresponding references. A reference is a complete set of data related to the cited source, including a title, author’s name, publisher, date of publication, and some minor details that are optional. You should search out all the requirements relevant to the recommended citation format before formatting and turning in your paper.

How to End a Cause and Effect Essay

The final part of your work is also important. If you wish to cut a figure on your audience, design an ending paragraph worth remembering. The final cut is to draw your evidentiary basis rendered with your conclusions together neatly. In other words, you should depict here a summary of all topic sentences followed by a thesis statement that gives a brief outline of the entire work. Do not repeat yourself! You may give some forecasts but do not put forward new questions (unless the rhetorical ones). You should round an essay with a quote from a famous person about this topic. Theoretically, you should inspire your readership to research the problem further. A bit more contrast wouldn't go amiss.

Writing a cause and effect essay is a time-consuming procedure unless you are well trained to handle it quickly. What? Don’t you have the topic yet? Explore the best things to write a cause and effect essay on in the upcoming bonus section!

5 Brilliant Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

Before you begin, please consider taking a look and exploring this short list of the best ideas for a cause and effect essay.

  1. Why do people divorce? In such a paper, you should list the difference in political views, sexual incompatibility, different interests, various life values, dislike for each other, etc.
  2. What does it feel like living in poverty? Describe the consequences of growing up in an unhealthy family: hatred, aggression, disappointment, lack of motivation, bad habits, criminal records, diseases, hunger, etc.
  3. What makes people be smitten with blindness? Study all possible medical causes to explain why people are smitten with blindness as well as the effects of being blind.
  4. What makes Google the most used search engine? Consider comfortable navigation, user-friendly interface, most accurate search results, logo, etc. In the same essay, you may list the outcomes of its availability.
  5. What are the impacts of homeschooling (remote education) on kids? You may say that, on one side, kids are prevented from experiencing distress through school bullying and other possible forms of aggression. They grow up socially isolated, which may lead to such problems as social anxiety and communication breakdowns.

Once you know everything about a cause and effect essay, it is up to you to decide whether you can take on this challenge alone or still need help. In the latter case, place an order to make our professionally trained academic writers and editors do it in your stead — rest assured knowing your submission is delivered on time!